Teas of the World

Guide to Japanese Teas

Green tea is the main type of tea that is produced and consumed in Japan. There are many kinds of green tea produced in Japan. Japanese teas are generally classified according to their type of cultivation, processing method and regional origin. Sencha Sencha is the most commo... Continue Reading

Gyokuro: Japan's Finest Tea

The Japanese have treasured Gyokuro for hundreds of years as the finest green tea. Now the best grades of this tea are becoming more widely available outside of Japan as more tea lovers learn to appreciate this wonderfully fragrant and delicate tea. The English translation for ... Continue Reading

Matcha: Japan's Ceremonial Tea

Matcha is the finely ground powder of shade-grown and hand-picked Japanese green tea leaves. It has been celebrated in the artistic and Zen-inspired Japanese tea ceremony for hundreds of years and is considered the highest quality of tea available in Japan. Introduced in the 1... Continue Reading

Dragon Well

Dragon Well (or Long Jing) tea has been famous in China since the Tang Dynasty. Known then as “Fragrant Forest Mist”, the famed Tang poet Su Dongpo likened the tea to a beautiful woman. The tea received its current name in the Ming Dynasty from a temple at Long Hong... Continue Reading

About White Tea

Prized by the Chinese since the Song Dynasty, white tea has recently been discovered by tea lovers around the world. Produced mainly in China and primarily in Fujian province, white tea is made usually from a particular type of tea plant known as the Da Bai Hao tea bush. The te... Continue Reading

About Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is a category of tea with much variety. Oolong tea may be light and fragrant (known as "green" oolong) or deep and roasted (known as "dark" oolong) or somewhere in between. The flavor profile will depend on the variety of tea plant, the area where the tea is grown an... Continue Reading

Guide to Taiwan Teas

Oolong tea is the main type of tea that is produced and consumed in Taiwan. There are many kinds of oolong teas produced in Taiwan. Taiwanese teas can be classified according to their regional origin, seasonality and processing method.SeasonalityThe flavors of oolong teas change... Continue Reading

Bai Hao Oolong: Taiwan's Beauty

Bai Hao oolong tea, with its multi-hued leaves reminiscent of autumn foliage, is a perfect choice for an autumn tea. The name Bai Hao means white tip and refers to the small tender white buds that are picked along with the top two leaves. Bai Hao originates from Xinzhu County, ... Continue Reading

Monkey Picked Tie Guan Yin

The origin of Monkey Picked oolong tea dates to the early 18th century, when the Tie Guan Yin varietal of tea plant was discovered in Anxi county of Fujian province. Legend has it that monkeys were trained by monks to pick the choicest leaves from wild tea trees growing in the ... Continue Reading

About Rooibos

Rooibos Rooibos, or red tea, is a mineral-rich, caffeine-free beverage derived from a hardy, shrub-like plant native to South Africa. The indigenous tribes of the Cedarberg mountains of the Western Cape of South Africa have known of the health-supporting and refreshing qualiti... Continue Reading