Fire Branch Teapot

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Fire Branch TeapotFire Branch Teapot

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  • Fire Branch Teapot
  • Fire Branch Teapot


Known as "kyusu", this style of teapot is commonly used in Japan to brew green tea. The unusual pattern of twisted, cinnabar lines on the sand colored pot is created during the firing process due to small twigs and branches that are placed in the kiln with the clay. As a result, each pattern is unique.

Made in Tokoname, which is famous for its high-fired stoneware kyusu, this teapot is lightweight yet sturdy and makes a wonderful addition to any teapot collection. The interior spout of the teapot is lined with a mesh strainer to prevent the leaves from being poured into the teacup.

Capacity: 12 oz.


Japan, Tokoname.