Cooking With Tea

In many Asian cultures, tea plays an important role in gatherings of friends and family. In China and Japan, guests are usually served a cup of tea upon arrival. Children offer tea to parents on important holidays and couples sip tea on their wedding day with their families. Tea has also traditionally been used in many Asian cuisines to add flavor, color and texture to various dishes.

Tea is quite versatile and can be used in both Asian-style and Western-style dishes. It will enhance everyday meals and add sparkle to holiday entertaining and special occasions.

A word on brewing tea for use in cooking: To prevent any bitterness from developing, we recommend letting the tea brew naturally in room-temperature water for 20 – 30 minutes. For black tea, use 2 heaping teaspoons per cup. For green and oolong teas, use 2 level teaspoons per cup.

Savoury Ideas

Perk up gravies, soups and stews by adding some brewed black tea. Add a tablespoon to gravy and one-half to one cup to a pot of stew or chili. We recommend a strong black tea such as Keemun, Assam, or Yunnan.

When poaching chicken or shrimp, substitute brewed green or oolong tea for water.

Use dry tea leaves as a salad topping and brewed tea in salad dressings. Try topping a salad with dry Dragon Well leaves for added flavor and crunch. Add a few tablespoons of brewed green tea to your favorite salad dressing.

Combine loose tea with your favorite spice mixture and ground into a powder to make a hearty tea rub for meats and poultry.

Enhance your rice dishes with tea. Try cooking rice in brewed tea, instead of water. Or crush loose tea with a mortar and pestle and mix with cooked rice. We recommend an aromatic green tea such as Genmaicha, Sencha or Jasmine

Dessert Ideas

Create a refreshing tea sorbet. Recommended teas: Jasmine, Silver Needles, Rose Bouquet, Moroccan Mint

Mix one tablespoon of ground loose tea into your favorite cookie or shortbread recipe.

Flavor a basic whipped cream with 1 tablespoon of loose tea. Recommended teas: Masala Chai, Earl Grey.

Enhance a favorite truffle recipe by infusing loose tea in cream. Instead of rolling truffles in cocoa, try rolling them in a mixture of powdered green tea and sugar. Recommended teas: Gyokuro, Sencha.

Add brewed tea to your favorite chocolate cake batter