Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea

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Grown on Mr. Liu's farm on Qing Jing Mountain at an elevation of 1,700 meters, this spring-harvested high mountain ("Gao shan") oolong is a special treat for oolong tea lovers. Lightly oxidized, it has a fresh, crisp aroma, creamy texture and light and smooth taste.

High mountain teas are highly prized by tea connoisseurs in Taiwan. The environmental conditions are ideal for growing high-quality tea. The sharp difference in day and night temperatures allow the tea plants to grow more slowly, thus developing more aroma and sweetness. And the abundant cloud and fog surrounding the mountains allow the tealeaves to absorb more moisture.

Harvest: Spring 2013

Oxidation Level: 15%


We highly recommend brewing Taiwan High Mountain Oolong in the gongfu style, using a small teapot or gaiwan, to appreciate the wonderful aromatics and the unique flavors that unfurl over many steepings. Add tea leaves to fill the teapot about one-third full and let steep approximately 50 seconds to 1 minute. Increase the steeping time by 10-15 seconds for each subsequent brew. Most oolong teas can be re-steeped 5 to 6 times in this manner.


Taiwan, Nantou County, Wushe Village