Jade Monkey Green Tea

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Jade Monkey is a rare green tea entirely hand harvested in small batches on a high mountain farm in Fujian Province.  The tea is grown wild and then made to local custom and taste with little processing of the leaf. Jade Monkey is picked early in the spring and the leaf is processed just enough to preserve its natural aroma and taste. With a toasty aroma, the leaves are loosely rolled and reveal a variation of rich green colors. The taste is smooth and well-rounded with asparagus and citrus notes and a sweetness that lingers in the aftertaste. This is a deeply flavorful green tea that is well complemented by a thick, almost buttery, mouth feel. A unique tea and one that is not usually found beyond its local area.

Chinese Name: Lu Hou

Harvest: April 2016


Use 1 teaspoon per 6 oz cup. Heat water until steaming (170ยบ F). Let steep 3 minutes. Good for multiple infusions.


China, Fujian Province