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Anji Bai tea derives its name from the almost completely white color of its natural leaves. Due to the way it is produced, Anji Bai is considered a green tea, despite its name. Grown high in the mountains of Zhejiang Province, the one bud, one leaf picked from the Bai Cha bush offers a light apple green color and a very smooth, rich and slightly sweet taste. The depth of flavor is often described as “liquid silk”. Anji Bai also has a high level of amino acids, which help to reduce cortisol and produce a calming effect.

Chinese Name: Anji Bai Cha

Harvest: Spring 2014 (pre-Qing Ming)


Use 1 tablespoon per 6 oz cup. Heat water until steaming (180ยบ F). Let steep 3-4 minutes. Good for multiple infusions.


China, Zhejiang Province, Anji County.

Customer Reviews

Best green tea Review by Lauren
The best green tea I've ever tasted. Liquid silk is definitely the right term for bitterness at all. I've gotten 3 infusions from each serving. Definitely a reorder. (Posted on 12/31/14)