Lu Shan High Mountain Oolong Tea (Taiwan)

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Grown on Mr. Liu's farm on Qing Jing Mountain at an elevation of 1,700 meters, this spring-harvested high mountain oolong tea is a special treat for oolong tea lovers. Lightly oxidized, it has a fresh, crisp aroma, creamy texture and light and smooth taste.

Teas grown at altitudes over 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) are referred to as "gao shan cha", or high mountain tea. These high mountain teas are highly prized by tea connoisseurs in Taiwan, since the higher the altitude at which the tea plant is grown, the more complex and interesting its aromas and flavors will be. The colder temperatures slow the growth of the tea plant and increase the concentration of aromatic oils in the leaves. In addition, the abundant cloud cover and thick fog filters sunshine for most of the day, allowing the leaves to produce more intense flavors while tempering the bitterness that can result from too much sun exposure.

Harvest: May 2014
Oxidation Level: 15%


We recommend brewing Taiwan High Mountain oolong tea in the gongfu style, using a small teapot or gaiwan, to appreciate the wonderful aromatics and the unique flavors that unfurl over several infusions. Add tea leaves to fill the teapot about one-third full and rinse the leaves briefly with hot water. Pour the rinse water out and then refill the pot with hot water and let the tea steep about 45 seconds to 1 minute. Increase the steeping time by 10-15 seconds for each subsequent brew. Most oolong teas can be re-steeped at least 6 times in this manner.


Taiwan, Nantou County, Lu Shan