Matcha Green Tea (Organic)

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Matcha, a green tea stone ground into a fine powder, is unique to Japan and has been celebrated in the artistic and Zen-inspired Japanese tea ceremony for hundreds of years. But you don't need to study the art of the Japanese tea ceremony to appreciate Matcha. With the proper tea bowl and a whisk, Matcha is easy to prepare and enjoy as an everyday beverage.

Our high-quality Matcha is light bodied with a rich, subtle sweetness and layers of flavor.

Harvest: Spring 2016
Size: 0.7 oz (20g)
Servings: 10  


Put 1 teaspoon in a Matcha bowl and add 2 oz hot water (170ยบ F). Use a bamboo whisk and whisk rapidly as if writing the letter M for about 20 to 30 seconds, until it has a rich foam on top (similar to cappucino). To avoid any lumps and to achieve a smooth texture, we recommend sifting the Matcha powder before whisking.