Snow Dragon Green Tea

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Grown on a remote farm in Fujian Province, Snow Dragon is a rare green tea that delivers a very rounded, sweet flavor with notes reminiscent of toasted sweet rice. 

It is made from a white tea varietal – the same one from which traditional Silver Needles is crafted – and is processed in the manner of a green tea. Snow Dragon consists entirely of young leaf buds, which lend a crisp sweetness to the tea. It is carefully pan-roasted by hand in a wok to develop the flat leaf shape and the warm, toasty aroma and flavor. 

Known as “Xue Long”, the name of the tea represents its hybrid character: “Xue” means snow and refers to the soft white coating on the leaf buds. “Long” means dragon and refers to the wok roasting method that is used to make Dragon Well tea.

Harvest: Spring 2016


Use 1 teaspoon per 6 oz cup. Heat water until steaming (170 - 180ยบ F). Let steep 2-3 minutes. Good for multiple infusions.


China, Fujian Province.