Green Peony Blossoming Green Tea

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This unique and beautiful "display" tea is handcrafted by tea artisans from a remote mountain village in Anhui province. The highest quality leaf and bud sets are picked in the early spring, carefully arranged in the shape of a flower, and then tied with a silk thread. When covered with hot water, the leaves "blossom" to reveal a sweetly floral aroma and a delicate and smooth flavor. To showcase this tea at its finest, we recommend brewing it in a wine glass or tempered glass cup. Easy to brew, Green Peony makes an impressive finale to a special meal. It also makes a very convenient tea for travellers.

Harvest: Spring 2014

Note: 2 oz. package contains approximately 10 flowers. The package is filled by weight so the number of pieces may vary.


Green Peony is a unique and beautiful tea which merits a special presentation. We recommend brewing in a large glass cup or in a gaiwan (the traditional Chinese covered cup). Place one flower in each cup. Heat water until steaming (170 - 180ยบ F). Let steep 2 - 3 minutes. Good for multiple infusions.


China, Anhui Province.